Archeon Industries strives to constantly adapt to the world of tomorrow, so we can bring it to you today. I offer a multitude of services that include but are not limited to:

Consultations, Sales, Repairs, Installations and Cosmetic Modifications.

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Meet David:

Aged 35 years, I have had an affinity for electronics since the age of nine (1995). I tore apart my first COMPAQ computer at that age (much to my mothers ire), and proceeded to reassemble the PC until it worked again.

This was just the start of my journey, but it did a great deal to bolster my curiosity and over the last 26 years I have dabbled in and studied many different aspects of electronics,

this includes assembly, IC programming, soldering, general maintenance, software installation and management, server management, web server management as well as a familiarity with Windows, Linux and MacOS.

What can Archeon repair for you?

Archeon Industries offers a wide range of repair services. Rates starting at $40/hr. On-site services can be arranged and are available at $55/hr.


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