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Fallout: New Vegas Goodsprings Weapons Cache

After a long time away (school, three jobs, etc etc), I will be completely overhauling this mod; and a few of my other projects across the Nexus.
In regards to this mod, I will be addressing the following:

  • Attempt to reproduce and properly address the ‘Chet Death’ bug mentioned in the comments. Odd as it is, the cell I created may have somehow been linked to Chet’s store.
  • Replace some of the unselectable containers,  and update containers that have the incorrect items.
  • Overhaul WMX & PN integration to include the merged or unmerged ESP’s (users choice).
  • Integrate DLC Weapons and ammunition types from Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues & Lonesome Road.
  • Integrate DLC Weapons and ammunition types from the Courier’s Stash, Gun Runners Arsenal item packs.
  • Make the Nyan Gun fire Hello Kitty plushies with cat meow sounds (yes, I’m aware this is quite disturbing).

All of the above updates will be packaged into a mod installer package, all old versions of the mod will be purged from the Nexus at that time. It’s my hope that this update will be the end-all to updates for this mod, but that may not be the case if any extra bugs are found.

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UPDATED 08/10/2011 – v1.4.6.8 – See Changelog for details

UPDATE 09/14/2011: I’ve added support for WMX and Project Nevada. The items from both mods will appear in the cache if you’ve downloaded the optional files and have both mods installed. Enjoy!


I am now officially taking a break from this mod before moving on to DLC / Third Party Weapon Additions.


This mod adds a weapons cache near the Goodsprings Gas Station which is loaded with
weapons and a new unique weapon is included. A strange note has been pinned to the wall
next to the door in Doc Mitchell’s house. However vague the note is, it points our
Courier in the right direction.


::If using FOMM::

1.) Launch FOMM.
2.) Select Package Manager.
3.) Click ‘Add FOMod’.
4.) Navigate to; and select GSWeaponsCache.fomod. Click ‘Open.’
5.) If required, check ‘Good Springs Weapons Cache’ and click ‘Activate’

::If installing manually::

1.) Navigate to C:/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Fallout New Vegas/Data
2.) Copy all files from the folder you downloaded and extracted the mod to.
3.) Open Fallout: New Vegas Launcher.
4.) Select ‘Data Files.’
5.) Place a check mark next to GSWeaponsCache.esp
6.) Play!


– The Almighty G.E.C.K. (of course).
– Adobe Photoshop CS5.5.
– NifSkope.
– FOMM(NV) BSA Browser.
– FOMM(NV) BSA Creator.
– Windows 7.

Video Preview



  • Moved both Grenade Machine Guns for proper looting.
  • Replaced Gatling Laser Container.
  • Cateye Container renamed to Cateye instead of Buffout.
  • Replaced The Disintegrator Container.
  • Removed Fire Hydrant – defunct
  • Removed Lily’s Vertiberd Blade – not working
  • Removed Mean Super Sledge (defunct).
  • Replaced Straight Razor with Figaro in Figaro Container.
  • Replaced .44 Magnum with Mysterious Magnum in Mysterious Magnum Container.
  • Removed Lucky from .357 Container.
  • New NIF for Ammo Crates.
  • Wrong Textures for Nyan-Gun (fixed).


  • Overhauled interior, almost ALL vanila weapons now available. Will work on the DLC weapons soon.
  • Applied decals to ammo crates.
  • Added Chems and medicine to the black shelf.
  • Overall clean-up.
  • Model Optimization, NIF dependencies now rely on Fallout – Meshes.bsa instead of GSWeaponsCache.bsa (saving time and size of file).
  • Surprise Briefcase added to interior.


  • Issues with the texture of the Nyan-Gun have now been resolved.


  • Consolidated all weapons into their own containers as to avoid a bunch of “flying guns!” (as qouted by sworddragon) XD
  • Adjusted mod canon, with Volen dead, Christine now restocks the ammo instead.
  • Attemped to fix Nyan-Gun texture. Still having issues.


  • Rough version. Lots of weapons, new textures and a unique gun.

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