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For the most part, the projects page is dedicated to projects undertaken by me during whatever time off I have available. Occasionally, some projects may be the direct result of curricular or academic research, some may also be at the commission or request of a client. I cannot promise at all that any of the projects listed here will be actively maintained at any given time. Furthermore, I claim no responsibility or indemnity in how you use these mods, tools or programs, I may provide some basic information and steps on how to use each of these projects, however; beyond that, you are expected to know the in’s and outs of whatever it is you are working with.

If you would like to mirror any of the files you find here, please do! I only request that you give credit; where credit is due. If you are inclined to do so, you may also provide me with the link so that I may post it here; which could help in boosting your websites SEO traffic.

Fallout: New Vegas — Goodsprings Weapons Cache

Adds a weapons cache near the Goodsprings Gas Station which is loaded with
weapons and a new unique weapon.

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